5+ Free Sample Used Car Bill of Sale Template

A bill of sale is like the sale receipt that is being produce by the seller as a
documentation proof of the transaction that has been taken place. This bill of sale
template provided here is the generic form of the bill of sale template. In case of
any transaction that occurred between two people: the buyer and the seller,
seller is responsible for preparation of the bill of sale. One copy of bill of sale
should be retained by the buyer so that in future he can show the proof of the
ownership of the product. Both parties require having a bill of sale for accounting,
tax reporting, insurance or for any government related purpose.

Car Bill of Sale Template

Car Bill of Sale Template
A car bill of sale form is typically formed like the bill of sale but it is specifically
created for the purpose of the car bill of sale. The templates of the car bill of sale
have been provided here, it is the generic bill of sale template. You can refer this
bill of sale template if there is any need of the bill of sale form.

Car Bill of Sale Example

Car Bill of Sale Example
The following content has been there in the bill of sale template:
 Seller and Buyer information.
 Payment, mode of payment, amount.
 Description of the item.
 Date of the transfer of the ownership.
 As-is or Warranty of the product.
 Witness.
As a bill of sale template contains the sensitive information like the warranty of
the product it is necessary to know about the terms and conditions and also to
read the bill of sale form correctly as it act as an evidence in future for any kind of
disputes, court accepts this as a strong evidence as it is being signed by both seller
and buyer and both have come into an agreement.

Sample Used Car Bill of Sale

Sample Used Car Bill of Sale
Number of bill of sale templates has been provided here for your reference. These
templates are very generic and also constructed by keeping in mind the general
case of sale. If you require any particular and specific kind of template than we
prefer you to download these templates in the Word format and tailor it in the
way you want. As it is very easy to edit content in the Word format so we say you
should download and edit the content in the Word format. You can also choose to
download the template in the PDF format free of cost.

How to Write a Car Bill of Sale

How to Write a Car Bill of Sale

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